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Discover our stunning collection of deciduous and evergreen viburnum shrubs that are coveted for their year-round appeal. Viburnum plants are celebrated for their beautiful blossoms, berries, and architectural habit, along with their foliage that ranges from dark green leaves to vibrant autumn hues. The dark green foliage transitions to shades of yellow, red, and purple in fall, enhancing the visual appeal throughout the seasons.

Our viburnum shrubs come in a variety of flower clusters, globes, and sprays in pink and white. They are also sweetly perfumed, making them a popular choice for gardeners who love fragrant flowers and plants. With a growth range of 2.5 feet to 10 feet tall, most species and varieties of viburnum bloom within three years of planting.

Viburnum Care and Pest Management

To ensure your viburnum shrubs thrive, they need at least half a day's full sunshine. We recommend shielding large-flowering varieties from cold wind to keep them protected during harsh weather conditions. These shrubs also prefer well-drained soils enriched with well-rotted organic matter several weeks before planting. In light soils that parch quickly, apply a layer of moisture-conserving, bulky organic mulch in spring to maintain moist soil conditions, keeping roots cool and active.

To detect and prevent damage from viburnum leaf beetles, regularly inspect your viburnum foliage for signs of their presence, such as chewed leaves and larvae on the undersides of leaves. Preventative measures include removing and destroying infested leaves and branches early on to interrupt the beetle's life cycle. For chemical controls, consider applying insecticides that are effective against the larvae in early spring before they mature.

Popular Viburnum Varieties

We offer a wide variety of viburnum shrubs, but some of our most popular varieties include the Arrowwood Viburnum, known for its glossy green leaves and springtime white flowers; the fragrant Korean Spice Viburnum, which delights with early spring flowers transitioning from pink buds to white, followed by red berries; and the Snowball Viburnum, famous for its large, snowball-like white flower clusters.

We also offer the Cranberry Bush Viburnum, a versatile deciduous shrub known for its bright red berries in the fall and white, lace-cap flowers in spring, as well as the Blue Muffin® Viburnum, distinguished by its dark blue berries in the fall.

Explore Our Variety of Viburnum Shrubs at McKay Nursery

Boasting more than a hundred years of horticultural excellence, McKay Nursery is your go-to source for high-quality deciduous woody plants. Our viburnum collection, grown on our expansive grounds in Waterloo, Wisconsin, offers healthy, vigorous plants perfect for any garden. Enjoy peace of mind shopping online with our extensive warranty and top-notch packaging, ensuring your plants arrive in prime condition. For personalized advice or further information, contact us at [email protected] or 920-478-2121.