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Serbian Spruce
Growing Zones: 4-7
Starting at $99.99
Bruns Weeping Serbian Spruce
Starting at $295.99
Weeping Norway Spruce
Growing Zones: 3-8
Starting at $249.99
Norway Spruce
Growing Zones: 2-7
Starting at $89.99
Little Gem Spruce (Tree Form)
Starting at $219.99
Globe Blue Spruce (Tree Form)
Starting at $380.99
Colorado Blue Spruce
Growing Zones: 2-7
Starting at $289.99
Black Hills Spruce
Growing Zones: 3-6
Starting at $225.99
8 Items
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Very familiar in the landscape are Spruce, Picea, evergreen trees. They are extremely long-live and have been known to live 200 years or more. They have unique needles and bark. At their healthiest the spruce needles can be 1 inch long and very sharp. They do need regular maintenance when it comes to trimming and pruning. Most spruce are tolerant of various kinds of soil, but it should be well-drained. They require various sunlight requirements, so be sure to check each variety for its specific needs.