Sedum Flat Mixed Cultivars

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Product Description
Fall Color Orange, Red, Yellow
Mature Plant Size (H x W) 8-12"
Mixed Sedum flats consist of various cultivars growing in thin, undivided flats intended for rooftops. Groundcovers on hot, dry areas, instead of turf along sides of patios, or perhaps to tear into pieces to be used in rock walls or along pathways. Sun-loving plants are grown in shallow flats that will need irrigation until established, then only as needed after they have rooted. Overall, the selections include low-growing varieties with different leaf and flower coloration. An outstanding, low-growing ground cover where it is hot and dry.
  • Mature Plant Size (H x W) Mature Plant Size (H x W): 8-12"
Planting Care

Planting & Care for Mixed Sedum Plants

  • They prefer full sun.
  • Plant in rock gardens, walls, pathway niches, and containers; as edging for borders; or in sweeps on hillsides.
  • They like poor or average well-draining garden soil.
  • No supplemental watering is needed once they are established.
  • They will not survive standing water for any length of time.
Planting Containers
  • Mixed Sedum mats can be planted in March.
  • Water plants thoroughly a few hours before planting.
  • Eliminate all weeds and grass from the area before planting.
  • Place in the hole so that the plant will grow at the same soil level as it did in the pot.
  • Spread the roots and backfill with the soil that was removed from the hole.
  • Press the plant gently into place.
Pruning - After Planting
  • No pruning is needed
Pruning - Through-out the Season
  • No pruning is needed
Watering – After Planting
  • Water plants thoroughly after planting to settle the soil.
  • Maintain even soil moisture until the plants resume vigorous growth - usually in one to two growing seasons.

Planting & Handling Help

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