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Arbor Rain Self-Watering Bag

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Product ID#: arbof19gal
Product Description
Alternative Name Arbor Rain Self-Watering Bag
Size 20 Gallon
We only offer the best product on the market. How do we know this product is the best? Because we try it out for you. We've been using this 20 gallon Arbor Rain bag in our municipality projects and they've been a lifesaver and time saver for us. They provide an abundant amount of water to hydrate the root ball and surrounding soil, minimizing transplant shock. The slow release rate insures water gets where it is needed - into the root zone. It distributes water evenly across the root area for complete coverage. If you struggle having enough time in the summer watering your new trees and want to spend more time with your family, than this product is for you! Protect your new tree investment with Arbor Rain!