Celebrating 122 Years!

We’re horticulturalists and nurserymen. But we think of ourselves as careful farmers.



Sustainability and earth-friendly practices are not new to us or a recent initiative. Since 1897, we have been caring stewards of our growing fields, which now number almost 2,000 acres, as well as good neighbors to the many family farms that make southern Wisconsin famous for its premium dairy products. 

As the largest and oldest nursery in Wisconsin it has been our mission to produce and care for our nursery stock in the most eco-friendly way. This is good for you in terms of the relative value we are able to provide and it's good for the livelihood and job security of our 150+ employee owners. We're a 100% employee owned company which means we're a company of team players that want the best for the company and the customer. Even though we're one of the largest nurseries, you would never know by our attentive and knowledgeable staff. Our team is packed with horticulturists, landscape designers, gardeners, plant specialists, botanist, and everything between. We care about you and want to see you have a positive experience with our plants, it's that easy.


Mail-Order Plants

We have customers from Alaska to Maine. We're one of the first mail-order nurseries to be SANC (Systems Approach to Nursery Certification) certified across the entire nation from the National Plant Board, AmericanHort and other industry members and the USDA. This certification allows us to safeguard all plants that are grown and shipped from our facility. The SANC certifiation is evidence that we're meeting stringent growing, training, self-inspection and audit requirements to make our business stronger and more resilient against plant pests and diseases, changes in regulations, quarantines and the threat of stopping sales of plants.

You can buy with 100% confidence in our plants because we offer a warranty on EVERYTHING you buy online. Start shopping today!  Every item you purchase comes with informative instructions on planting, pruning, and a complete instructional manual of how to care for your shrub, perennial, tree or anything in between. We even offer our own delivery trucks (depending on location) to deliver your items at a time and date that's conveient for you. We also do FedEx shipping nationwide or if you're close to our location in Waterloo, WI  or Oregon, WI you can pick-up your plants for FREE!

Our Eco-Friendly Buildings

Beyond energy-saving construction, insulation, and management of our production and storage facilities, we significantly reduce our energy consumption by collecting expended lubricating oil from our many machines and using it as heating fuel. But we do not stop there. Using a device designed and built by one of our owner-employees, we compress the steel oil filters, purging even more of the oil for recycling, which then allows us to recycle the filters themselves as scrap steel. This puts to economic use what would otherwise be a pollutant, which is good for the land, good for our 150+ owner-employees, and ultimately good for you as our customer. 

Our state-of-the-art office system gently diverts the roof water into “rain gardens.” These are planted with flowers and other greenery that absorb rainwater rather than have it run off to pollute and scour the landscape. It also increases the amount of water that filters into the ground, recharging the local aquifer; protects our neighbors from flooding and drainage problems; protects nearby streams and lakes from stray pollutants; and provides valuable habitat for birds, butterflies, and many beneficial insects.


Landscape Design

We have Landscape Designers, we call them our Design Pros, scattered through-out the Midwest ready to help you with your curb appeal! Find one in your area by clicking here. Our designers are some of the best in the business and are avid gardeners themselves who enjoy what they do, but are extremely skilled and detailed orientated. Read some of our customer testimonials here or see some of our residential and commerical projects here


Wholesale Nursery

McKay Nursery is one of the largest and most experienced nurseries in the United States. Founded by William McKay in southern Wisconsin in 1897, McKay Nursery has been specializing in hardy, northern grown nursery stock for over 120 years. McKay Nursery is a leader in the wholesale nursery trade, providing hardy trees, shrubs, and evergreens to customers throughout the northern tier of the country, from Alaska to Maine. We sell to growers, garden centers and landscape designers. Learn more or contact our wholesale department here.