Shipping: Most orders ship in 5 – 10 business days from the date of purchase within their prime planting season.


Please use this chart as a guideline, but we reserve the right to adjust the delivery/shipping schedule at any time due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances. 

MCKAY NURSERY COMPANY, INC. IS NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGE THAT YOUR PLANTS OR CONTAINERS MAY SUSTAIN WHILE IN TRANSIT, INCLUDING THOSE LOST IN TRANSIT. If your product arrives damaged, please contact our customer service department within 24 hours of receipt. We will initiate a claim with the carrier, but you will need to retain the package for a minimum of 7 days in case the carrier wants to inspect the damaged package. After the damage claim has been approved we will reship the replacement product. If we are out of stock of the item we will offer a substitute or delivery the next shipping season for your residence.


Condition of Sale: Once your order has been submitted the items are taken from inventory, and your credit card is charged immediately.  Customer agrees that their order will be delivered without a signature, and the package will be left unsupervised unless other arrangements are made in advance.


Canceling An Order: Requests for cancelations must be made by calling (800) 236-4242 during normal business hours.  We strive to get orders out to you as soon as possible and this may be soon after the order has been placed, and a cancelation fee of 20% will be charged. Orders cannot be canceled after the order is shipped or if the order is in the packaging process.


Returns: All sales are final, and the package cannot be returned without our permission.  A 40% restocking fee will be charged to the customer if the nursery stock is returned in in the same “like-new condition”, and is saleable, within two weeks of receipt.  Customer will be responsible for all shipping and processing charges for any returns.  We will not be liable for damages in an amount greater than the original purchase price of any plant.


Wrong Item/ Missing Item: In the event that you receive an incorrect order or items are missing from your order, replacement plants will be sent at no charge.  No refund will be given.  Please contact our customer service at 800-236-4242 within 24 hours of receiving your package.  Please note that McKay Nursery Company will not provide a refund on orders where customers have ordered the wrong plants. 


Plant Information: The growth rates of the plants are listed based on ideal growing conditions and generally published information.  We make no guarantee for such growth rates. Growing plants require a suitable site, compatible environment, and care to prosper, and those conditions we are unable to control.  Your results will be unique and will vary based on care, climate, soil, weather and countless other factors. 


Dormant Plant Material: We will send out any viable dormant plant materials early in the spring or late in the fall season.  These plants are healthy, but may no longer be actively growing in early spring or in fall.  This can include browning of the leafy material or the plant may not have any leaves at all.  This is normal and essential to the plant’s health and makes relocating the plant less stressful.


Use of Coupons: Only one coupon code per order when available.  You cannot combine coupons to receive multiple discounts.  There will be no “credit” given for the portion of a coupon not used.  Any coupons must be applied at the time of the order. 


Warranty: If you have purchased a warranty, properly cared for your newly purchased plants and they do not survive please contact customer service and explain the loss.  There is a one-time only replacement policy for warrantied plants.  We will not refund the plant cost, but will replace your plant at the original cost of the plant at the time of invoice from McKay.  The replacement request must be made within 1 year of your original invoice date to be honored. Customer is responsible for shipment of replacement plant. 

If we are out of stock of the plant we can offer you a substitute, or you may wait until the plant becomes available for shipping in your area.

This guarantee does not cover plants that have been destroyed by neglect, weather, livestock, drought, insecticides or herbicides, fires, floods, etc.  We also do not cover plants that have been planted in a zone not recommended for the plant.  Our guarantee does not cover plants that are planted in fill, scraped ground unsuitable for those species as outlined in the information material contained on this web site, pertaining to a particular species of plants.  In the event of multiple claims or excessive losses we may require a soil test to determine soil compatibility problems.


Watering Container Plants: Remove the plant from the box and water it immediately. If the plant is actively growing and is not dormant, it will have to be planted it as soon as possible. Continue watering every couple of days when the temperatures are above 70 deg.F or warmer. Slow watering around the base of the plant and roots is best. Be sure to test the soil to ensure proper moisture between waterings. This can be done by placing your finger into the soil. If the plant and soil feels dry, water it. Once your plant roots into the soil (approximately 2 weeks), you can reduce the watering to once a week or so unless it would rain. Visit our Green Tips at for more watering and care instructions.


Watering Bare Root Plants: Remove it from the box and store in a cool dark location until you can plant it. Soak the roots overnight for one night prior to planting for best results. Dig the hole first then remove all packing from the roots and cut all string. Place the roots in the hole at the same depth that the plant was growing here at our nursery.  Back fill with the soil from the hole and soak the plant well with your hose. Once the soil has settled, you may need to fill in some areas where the soil settled. Water bare root plants when the soil is dry to the touch (if moist skip that day). Once it starts to grow then water once weekly or so during the first growing season. Water the soil, not the foliage. Remove about 1/3 of the stems with a pruning shears to help the plant leaf out easier. It takes about 6 weeks for it to start to grow if planted in spring. Visit our Green Tips at for more watering and care instructions.


Proof of Identity: We may ask for further identification. Because of the anonymity nature of the Internet we may ask for further identification to verify your order. The following documents may be requested to process your order.

  • A copy of both sides of your Credit Card
  • A copy of your valid driver's license/Passport

Your documents will not be used for any other purpose other than to verify your identity. Once verified, your documents can be returned or destroyed.


Product Descriptions, Photos, Prices & Availability: We attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that product descriptions or other content of this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. All photos are a guideline in the accuracy of color, size and growth of our products. Majority of our product photos are owned by McKay Nursery Company or representatives of McKay Nursery Company.  If a product offered by us is not as described, your sole responsibility & remedy is to return it in an unused and when possible unpackaged condition. We reserve the right to cancel any order should there be inaccuracies in count and/or availability, pricing of the product(s) purchased.