McKay offers expert landscape management that is customized to the details of your particular landscaping. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mowing—on non-fixed schedules to accommodate growth rates affected by seasons and weather
  • Trimming and grooming—of shrubs, hedges, and other perennials according to industry standards for horticulture and esthetics
  • Weed management—including trimming and eco-friendly chemical weed control
  • Fertilizing—correcting soil amendments for lawns and gardens as diagnosed by our experts and with proper attention to the local ecology
  • Aeration—pulling cores of soil from your lawn to provide more oxygen, rainwater, and growing space for the root system
  • Seasonal tilling—for flower and vegetable gardens as well as other projects
  • New and replacement perennials—with advice about compatibility to the local microclimate, your landscaping design and how you use your landscape
  • Debris control—including the removal of leaves, twigs, pods, and other unwanted matter from the softscape and hardscape areas of your home

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