Groundcovers and vines have long been adorned in many landscapes for many centuries. Their unique growing and texture characteristics make them a treasure to have in the landscape. Groundcovers give the finishes touches to the garden-it could be described as a living carpet. By covering the ground between shrubs and other plantings, groundcover creates a soft, natural look. They have practical aspects, too. Once established, they can suppress weeds and has a natural mulching effect on the soil, helping to maintain a fairly even temperature and moisture level around the roots of larger plants. Groundcovers are ideal in low-maintenance gardens and as grass substitutes in heavy shade under trees or on hills where it's too hard to mow. Vines and climbers can also be very useful in the garden. They provide color and interest on a higher level without taking up much space near the ground. They are very versatile and can be used in many ways, primarily for covering fences, walls, and outbuildings. They can grow up trellis screens in the garden, and when trained over pergolas they will provide shade for a patio or terrace. Suitable climbers can be trained up trees and over large shrubs, and some can be used as groundcover. As with any other type of plant, it is important to choose the right plant for the aspect, climate, soil, and space available. Make sure to pay attention to preference of sun or shade as well. Growing a plant in the wrong place will lead to disappointment and frustration. Follow our easy directions and you're sure to find success!
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