The Elm, Ulmus, tree is by far one of the most timeless and popular trees out there. It's a deciduous tree that's hard to miss in the landscape. Due to its massive size (can grow as high as 115 ft tall and leaves that stretch out as far as 80 feet wide) makes the Elm tree just as impressive as it is beautiful. The bark has different tones of gray and blue. The leaves of an elm tree are oval shaped with jagged edges and dark green in spring and summer and then switch to a deep yellow in fall. Not only are Elm trees massive, but they are hardy and live for a long time. Some Elms have been known to live more than 300 years. Their preferred habitat are rich, well-drained soils and full sun. They also like cool and dry climates. Be sure to never prune your Elm tree between mid-April to late-July. Its suggested to prune in early spring to prevent fungal spores.
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