We believe that all plants, no matter how small, are important, but, we have to confess, trees are the most inspirational to us. Their size is striking, but more significant is their sense of continuity and permanence that they bring to the garden and landscape. To plant a tree, particularly a potentially large or long-lived ones, is to express belief in the future. Trees are the anchors in many gardens, holding together diverse design elements. They can offer a seasonal display of flowers, fruit or foliage, or an attractive habitat, as well as provide a useful focal point. Trees vary in height and shape, providing plenty of candidates for every type and size of garden. Small trees need not to be confined to small gardens, while a single large large tree in lace of several small ones can provide a welcome focus for all nearby. Whatever your priorities, available space should always be paramount. Large trees need space to develop, so make sure you give them the space they need to grow and flourish. We offer a warranty on all our plants. Shop today!
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