Shrub Roses

Numerous shrub roses are medium to large in size and require considerable space in which to develop to their full potential. Fortunately, certain roses are of lesser stature and therefore suitable for planting where space is limited. Some of the following may need support to prevent their slender stems from flopping to the ground when in flower. In the case of low-growing roses for ground-cover are best used in sunny situations. Low-spreading roses or those with trailing stems provide a useful and charming ground-cover. They are particularly suited to steep banks, wall tops, or beneath plantings of other roses. Large shrubs roses for specimen planting need space to expand. In gardens where space permits, shrub roses should be grown the same way, either singly or in groups as highlights in mixed borders. Grow spreading kinds alone on the lawn, where their display can be admired from all sides. Shop our highly sought after roses grown locally in Wisconsin since 1897.
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