Thyme, thymus, is commonly used in the landscape as groundcover. Thymus serpyllum, which reached 10 inches in height, is commonly grown this way. These type of thymus have a creeping, mat-like habit, rooting down at the nodes as they grow. They are tough, low-maintenance groundcovers for hot dry spots between paving stones, in rockeries, or along the edges of a garden or raised beds. All have aromatic foliage that releases its scent when bruised or crushed-you can step on them occasionally. The leaves can also be used in cooking. The small pink or mauve flowers are very attractive to bees. They need full sun all day. These are mainly Mediterranean plants used to long hot summers, with the minimum amount of shade. Soil must be well-drained but it need not be rich. Add lime to very acidic soils before planting. If the roots stay cold and wet over winter the plants will not survive.
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