Easy to grow and producing a summer-long display of flowers, perennial phlox has a place in any perennial collection. Plants may grow from 16 to 36 inches tall, and the clumps spread rapidly so be sure to position new plantings 12 inches apart. The large heads of flowers, some with a contrasting eye, come in shades of red, pink, orange, mauve, purple and white. This plant looks best mass-planted, either in solid blocks of one color or in mixed colors. With mixed plantings, ensure that the taller forms do not obscure the shorter ones. We do carry the phlox hybrid, "Forever Pink", which make for great groundcover plants with only getting to 18 inches tall. Phlox prefers full sunlight with some protection from strong wind. They need a well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Hardy to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Sow in February and March, transplant in April and May, and divide in October. Flowers from July-September.
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