Dead Nettle

Despite its rather unattractive common name, Lamium is quite a pretty, soft-leaved groundcover that spreads by running stems (stolons) which root down as they spread. Some are very vigorous and individual plants are generally only 6-18 inches high, they can spread to cover 6 feet in warm, humid climates. The splashed, speckled, or spotted leaves with silver or cream are the variegated forms. Dead nettle also makes a good basket plant. In the garden it is easy to grow and maintain, and is long lived. Lamium does best in shade or semi-shade and when sheltered from strong wind. It tolerates a wide range of soils but is best in well-drained soils rich in organic matter. The ground should be fairly moist. Foliage in May, September-October and flowers June-August. Hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
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