The gray-green leaves of Catmint, Nepeta x Faassenii, are a lovely foil for other, brighter colors in the garden. Its mauve-blue flowers are produce over a long period too, making this a useful plant for a sunny spot in the garden. It is quite quick to establish and is fairly long lived. The height is rarely more than 1ft and one plant may cover 18 inches or so, making roots as it goes. The foliage is aromatic when bruised and can then be attractive to cats. Catmint is sometimes used as a cover planting between roses, especially old roses, as it provides a pleasing contrast in texture and color. It is a great favorite for garden edgings and cottage garden plantings and can be grown in a hanging basket or container. This plant grows best in full sun but tolerates shade for part of the day. It needs well-drained soil and tolerate poor soils, but growth is best if some organic matter is dug in well ahead of planting time. Foliage in May and October. Flowers June- September. Hardy to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
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