The yew is extremely long lived and fairly slow growing, but it makes a dense hedge that can be closely clipped. It is also widely used in topiary. In Britain and Europe yew hedges have been traditionally used to shelter herbaceous borders or as a background for statuary and garden ornaments. Foliage is dark and evergreen and will pop in the landscape. Unpruned, it make grow to 50ft or more but yew is generally hedged at about 8ft. There are a number of cultivars of yew, providing variations in form and foliage color. Yews prefer an open, sunny position. This plant is tolerant of windy sites. Soil should be well-drained and enriched with organic matter. Mulch around plants with decayed manure or compost. It is tempted to plant yew and then completely forget about it, but good care makes for fine, dense growth.
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