There are over 500 species of cinquefoil, including annuals, perennials, and small shrubs. All have the characteristic five-lobed leaf, and the single or double flowers may be white or in shades of yellow, red, or pink. Cinquefoil belongs to the rose family, and the foliage can be attractive, even when plants are not in flower. They may be anywhere from 2-20 inches high. The short types make good edging plants, while the taller ones can be used successfully in a mixed planting. Since flower stems tend to flop over, they may need light support. While it needs full sunshine, cinquefoil potentilla will also tolerate some dappled shade. It needs well-drained soil enriched with some organic matter. Potentilla at a glance are mainly herbaceous (grow rapidly during spring and summer to flower during the summer and the fall. After flowering they gradually die back to the crown or fleshy roots, and they remain dormant during cold winter) perennials and shrubs. They have an excellent color range and are hard to 0 degree Fahrenheit (zones 6-7).
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