Mock Orange

Mock Orange is known for their sumptuous, creamy white, single, or double and richly citrus vanilla-scented blooms fill and brighten the high-summer gap, when the spring display of shrubs is fading and fall contenders have yet to form flower buds. Ranging in height from 2ft to over 10ft, there are candidates for most situations. These plants are ideal for windswept, hillside gardens and for tolerating salty breezes, mock orange thrives almost anywhere. All flower best in full sun and thrive in moist soils-acid, sand, chalk or heavy clay. It's best to enrich poor patches with bulky organic matter dug in several months before planting. Mock Orange at a glance is a deciduous shrub whose single or fully double, creamy white flowers appear from June to July. Hardy to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Plant March-May and October-November. Flowers between June and July and prune in August.

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