Cotoneasters are highly underrated. They're versatile and they can range in height. Sprays of small spring flowers are followed by a glowing fall color to winter display of red or yellow fruits. Cotoneasters take 5-10 years to mature, depending on species and conditions, and are long-lived. Fruits are nutritious food for garden birds and winter migrants. All kinds of these grow best and flower and fruit more freely in the sun. They will tolerate partial shade, but shoots are looser and berries are sparse. Cotoneasters prefer well-drained, medium to heavy-ish loam, but any reasonable fertile soil encourages stocky growth. Improve thin, sandy, or gravelly areas by digging in bulky, humus-forming, well-rotted manure, decayed garden compost, or leaf mould. At a glance, cotoneasters are semi- or fully evergreen shrubs (as a hedge it is definitely for the wilder part of the garden), flowering and fall display of vibrant fruits. Hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
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