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How to Winterize Your Shrub Roses

Nov 4, 2014 10:45:09 AM

Written by

McKay Staff

in Problem Solvers Gardening 101 How-to Guide

Winterize Roses


It's that time of year again to winterize your shrub roses. Shrub roses are considered hardy, but newly planted roses (as well as your existing roses) will greatly appreciate some additional mulch dumped right on the plants after some nice killing frosts. The end of November (around Thanksgiving time seems to be a good rule of thumb) is the best time to insulate the base with a little extra mulch for the long winter ahead. You will need about 5 gallons of mulch to properly insulate the base of the shrub rose. Mound up about 8-12" of mulch right over the bottoms of the stems. Make sure to work the mulch down into the stem of the plant. This base of mulch offers great winter protection. The trick is to let the roses go dormant and then keep them dormant all winter long. Many like to use rose cones or rose collars. If you do use rose cones, just cut the tops off of the cones to allow moisture in and out, otherwise the plants may rot underneath the cone. Do not prune in the fall. Leave the pruning until springtime. And that is all you have to do!

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