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Must See Tips for Your Plants to Survive Winter

12/15/2016 3:58 PM

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in Problem Solvers Gardening 101 How-to Guide


Over the years we've received tons of questions regarding how to care for their landscape during the winter months. See our check-list and tips below to make sure you're getting the most out of your garden year round.




  • Flowering crabapple trees - These should be wrapped with tree wrap so they're protected from rabbits, mice and sun damage during the winter months. Same goes for Prunus Newport, Shubert Cherry and fruit trees. See our huge selection of crabapple trees
  • Taxus (Japanese Yew), Hemlocks and Aborvitae trees - Protect from deer damage by placing some small bags (old nylon stockings work well) or human hair clippings work well to keep deer away (gross, but it works!).
  • Rabbit Damage - Even though it doesn't look particularly pleasing to eye, surround plants with chicken wire to help protect them against our furry rabbit friends. 
  • Protect Evergreens - Brush heavy snow off of evergreen shrubs and trees. Do not touch ice-covered shrubs and trees as you may cause damage.
  • Pruning - Prune shade and ornamental trees (except maple, birch and walnut). See our video regarding winter pruning in your landscape. 
  • Salted Walkways - Try to keep salt on the walkways as this can sometimes do some serious damage to plants.
  • Perennials - Should be covered with hay or several layers of evergreen boughs after the plants have withered from frosts and the ground is frozen. This will help prevent freezing and thawing cycle that causes root injury. Shop our perennials.
  • Smooth Barked Trees - These trees should be wrapped with tree wrap (drain tiles work nicely) to protect against sunscald and subsequent splitting. Maples, Lindens and Locusts are especially vulnerable. Remove the wrapping in spring (around March/early April) so the bark can be harden again. Typically you see this happen in south & west facing trees due to their sun exposure during the day. 
  • Winterize Shrub Roses - Watch our video on how to winterize shrub roses.


What other kinds of tips or checklists would you like to see to help you in your garden?

We'd love to hear from you!


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