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How to decorate your garden in winter

Dec 4, 2014 10:11:07 AM

Written by

McKay Staff

in Problem Solvers Gardening 101 How-to Guide

winter interest plantsHoliday greens, brilliant berries, graceful grasses and colorful twigs make for a breathtaking view in a barren winter landscape scene. With the long Midwest winters, it is important to choose plants for your landscape that have year-round interest. Incorporating evergreens and plants like ornamental grasses, sedum, ilex and dogwood are great options.

In the wintertime, the bright colors of the branches of the red-twigged dogwood and the yellow twig dogwood really pop against a fresh blanket of white snow.

Establishing plants with colorful winter berries can brighten the landscape as well as be a good source of bird food. Ilex (Holly), ornamental Crabapples, American or Sargent Viburnum, and rose hips are great choices for this. These plants are great for decorating as well as some delightful winter bird watching.

Evergreens provide great winter interest and habitat for wildlife. They are perfect for year-round screening on your property as well as a great noise buffer, absorbing up to 75% of ambient noise.

Once you have many of these trees and plants established in your landscape, you can utilize the plants to adorn those previously summertime containers such as window boxes, pots or hanging baskets with evergreen boughs of different textures and colors for the winters. The finished arrangement of evergreens and plants makes a wonderful winter statement and festive showpiece for your front porch.

All you need to do is cut and stick the berries and boughs right into the pots before the dirt freezes. Add a festive bow or some pinecones and you have a great holiday arrangement. You can even bring the cuttings into the house for holiday decorating. They will last for weeks or longer inside.

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