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4 Weeping Plants that are Far from Depressing

Apr 11, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Written by

McKay Staff

in Plants & Flowers


4 of our most popular weeping and wide-spreading trees and shrubs. Pro Tip: To attain a good height, such trees generally require further training to a stake for a few years, especially when bought as a young grafted tree.


Walker Weeping Peashrub (Tree Form)



This uniquely shaped and hard to find tree is the Walker Weeping Peashrub. It's rather small and doesn't take up much space in the landscape. The mature size is around 8'-12' tall and around 5' wide. The cascades of pea-shaped flowers appear early to mid-July and are a light green color with a fine texture. This tree is extremely hardy and can withstand harsh, cold winters. Plants with such a striking habit like in this case, weeping—should be the main show in a landscape. 

Walker Weeping Peashrub (Tree Form) Quick Facts:

Bloom Time: July
Color: Green, Yellow
Plant Size: Around 6'-8' tall x 5' wide
Flower Color: Yellow
Sunlight: Full Sun 
Soil Conditions: Normal, Sandy, Clay, Acidic, Dry
Growing Zones: 2 - 7




Niobe Weeping Willow



The Niobe Willow tree is a fast growing form of Weeping Willow. It has a wide spreading head with long golden-yellow, drooping branches and it likes moist areas. Showcases bright green leaves that turn yellow in fall. The large, classic weeping form is definitely displayed in this tree. Mature size is around 50'-60' tall x 50'-60' wide. Hardiness zone 4.

Niobe Weeping Willow Quick Facts:

Color: Green, Yellow
Plant Size: Around 50-60' tall x 50-60' wide
Fall Color: Yellow
Sunlight: Full Sun
Soil Conditions: Normal, Sandy, Clay, Acidic, Wet
Growing Zones: 4 - 8





Blue Rug Juniper


The Blue Rug Juniper is a low, ground-hugging shrub and excellent when allowed to drape (or weep) over retaining walls. One of the best prostrate junipers. Foliage is an intense silvery-blue. This evergreen shrub will mature to be around 4-6" tall x 3-5' wide.

Blue Rug Juniper Quick Facts:

Color: Blue, Green
Plant Size: Around 4-6" tall x 3-5' wide
Sunlight: Full Sun 
Soil Conditions: Normal, Clay, Acidic, Wet, Dry
Growing Zones: 3 - 8




Louisa Crabapple


The 'Louisa' is a weeping crab that was introduced by Polly Hill of Martha's Vineyard, MA and was named to honor her daughter. It boasts dark pink (almost red) flower buds that open to a true pink, and are stunning on the long, weeping branches. Dark green glossy foliage is highly disease resistant and holds nicely throughout the growing season. The fruit is 3/8", red in color and is persistent. A great piece of "sculpture" for the winter landscape. The Louisa blooms around spring time. An excellent accent and interesting plant for the landscape. This plant will grow to be around 8-10' tall by 15' spread.

Louisa Crabapple Quick Facts:

Bloom Time: April
Color: Green, Pink, Red
Plant Size: Around 8-10' tall x 15' wide
Flower Color: Pink
Fruit: Red
Sunlight: Full Sun 
Soil Conditions: Normal, Sandy, Clay, Acidic, Dry
Growing Zones: 4 - 7







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