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5 Plants for a DIY Wedding Bouquet

Jul 27, 2018 12:01:00 PM

Written by

McKay Staff

in How-to Guide Plants & Flowers

It can be tricky to pick the perfect flower arrangements and bouquets for a wedding. Even trickier can be creating something that’s unique and original. We’ve compiled a short list of five, unique plants sure to bring interest and beauty to any arrangement, whether it’s for a special day or every day at home.


1. Berry plants


Left: Black Chokeberry, right: Viking Chokeberry

Berry plants are generally known for their fruit. However, the foliage they produce can also be rather eye-catching. Black Chokeberry plants have jaw-dropping fall color that can add brilliant vibrance to an arrangement or bouquet. If leafy foliage isn’t what you’re looking for, other varieties have beautiful blooms, such as Viking Chokeberry. Liven things up by also using berries within your arrangement for a wonderful, vintage or natural feel. They add both texture and interest.


2. Succulent Sedums


Left: Lemon Drop Sedum, right: Matrona Sedum

Normally, you see succulents in a cute pot, or being promoted as low-maintenance plants. They always look unique, with beautiful designs and varieties. If traditional foliage isn’t what you’re looking for, try sedums such as the vibrant Lemon Drop Sedum. If you want something more flowery, take a look at the Matrona Sedum. They also make wonderful boutonnieres or as wedding favors while still breaking the traditional mold. Check out our other varieties of sedums here.


3. Quince


Left: Orange Storm Quince, right: Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince

Need the perfect pop of color? Look no further than flowering quince. Orange isn’t a color you see a lot in flowers, which make flowering quince a real show-stopper. Orange Storm Quince has lush blossoms that are just asking to be seen. For something more dispersed, Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince has tendrils of smaller flowers, but still with the same intense color. Quince can also be found in light pinks and white.


4. Viburnum


Left: Koreanspice Viburnum, right: Lil' Ditty Viburnum

McKay has a large selection of viburnum to choose from. Whether you’re looking for foliage or flowers, subtle or bold colors, viburnums have a lot to offer, including fall color. For some lovely, soft blossoms, try the Lil' Ditty Viburnum. These light flowers make for an excellent filler in a bouquet or arrangement, complimenting bigger blooms such as classic peonies or roses. For something a bit more vibrant, take a look at the Koreanspice Viburnum. This viburnum has showstopping red foliage, perfect for a pop of color, filler, or fall arrangements.


5. Spirea


Left: Double Play Candy Corn Spirea, right: Snowmound Spirea

McKay also offers a variety of spirea. We have anything from soft, white-blooming spirea like the Birchleaf Spirea, to soft pink spireas such as the Peppermint Stick Spirea, to luscious red spirea, like the Double Play Candy Corn Spirea. Spirea varieties create a lot of interest in foliage and in blossoms. The Snowmound Spirea is a beautiful specimen that compliments any number of arrangements or bouquets. Check out the rest of our spirea varieties here to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Don’t settle for something less than the perfect arrangement! If you’re looking for more design, garden, and plant tips, check out the rest of our blog posts Pinterest page, filled with little-known tips and ideas. For home delivery anywhere in the continental United States, shop our online selection of sedums and more to simplify and beautify your world. If you're near the Madison, Wisconsin area, stop in at Winterland Nursery, our new retail garden center, dedicated to providing you with exactly what you’re looking for.

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