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4 New Hydrangeas Just in Time for Mother’s Day

May 8, 2019 8:26:42 AM

Written by McKay Staff in Plants & Flowers

If you’ve known us long, you know that we love our hydrangeas. Of course, our exclusive McKay Grateful Red Hydrangea and Cherry Explosion Hydrangea top our list, but we still can’t get enough of these beauties. Someone once said there’s always room for one more hydrangea. We agree, but we make sure that space goes to the very best. For 2019, we’ve added four exciting new favorites — perfect for Mother’s Day gifts:

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Summer Landscaping Tips

Jun 9, 2014 11:54:15 PM

Written by McKay Staff in Gardening 101 How-to Guide

Summer Landscaping Tips – June is where summer makes her grand entrance, and gardeners everywhere are busy with what they love best…. gardening!  It's a great time to update an old, overgrown landscape, freshen the design with some tweaks on your existing design, or maybe you are now ready for your first new design.

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