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Looking out your window at healthy lawns, trees and flowers is a great way to boost your happiness quotient. It’s also a perfect opportunity to remember all the ways plants benefit our environment. The next time you look around at the plants you call your own, know that they’re helping the earth in these five ways and more.

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Fall is the best time to plant!

Sep 23, 2014 11:19:10 AM

Written by McKay Staff in Gardening 101 How-to Guide

Fall Landscaping - Fall is here! If your summer got busy and you put off some much-needed landscaping projects, no need to fear. There is plenty of time to plant. Any die-hard gardener knows the secret that fall is actually the BEST time for planting trees and shrubs. The temperatures are cooler and plants can get established and strong before next spring.

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Aronia Berries

Jun 6, 2014 1:37:10 PM

Written by McKay Staff in Edibles & Sustainability Plants & Flowers

Aronia Berries - The New Antioxidant Super Fruit! The Black Appleberry, or Black Chokeberry is an incredible landscape plant, but have you heard of the health benefits from the fruit? Aronia Berries are extremely high in antioxidants. Two times greater than Acai and three times greater than Blueberries!

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