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Mixed Sedum Mats

Sep 10, 2015 9:40:37 AM

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sedum mats

Looking for a great low maintenance plant that can tolerate even those without a green thumb? Sedum mats perform the best in dry soils and make great drought-tolerant groundcovers for well-drained sunny locations. These groundcovers work well for borders, pathways, walls or containers. Potentially, they can even replace lawn. Many designers implement sedum in green roof designs. As a groundcover, these plants typically grow to 6 inches or shorter. The biggest advantage of incorporating sedum into your landscape design is how little water they require.

Mixed sedum flat

Wall sedum mat


McKay’s sedum mat is a 10” x 20” flat with mixed varieties of sedum. No two sedum mats are alike and can include any of these sedum varieties – cauticola sedum, red carpet sedum, angelina sedum or lemon drop sedum. In the fall, the masses of small flowers offer vibrant reds, purples, yellows and greens.


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