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Shrubs with Eye-Catching Foliage

Jun 22, 2018 12:01:00 PM

Written by

McKay Staff

in Plants & Flowers

From early spring's forsythias to sumptuous hydrangeas, we all love shrubs that flower. But shrubs with outstanding leaf color provide visual interest and intrigue that can carry the season – with and without any blooms. The following shrubs are just four examples of plants with stunning foliage that provides beauty and color from spring through fall:


Spring Fire Barberry


Introduced to the United States by McKay Nursery, Spring Fire Barberry comes to us via France. This colorful shrub celebrates spring with reddish stems and bright yellow new growth highlighted with rich, fiery red. May flowers are barely noticeable, but you won't mind. Spring Fire brings summer gardens brilliant yellow leaves, paired with green undertones. Then fall paints the foliage in tones of orange and gold. This low-maintenance shrub matures to less than 24 inches tall and wide. Give it full sun for optimal color. (Hardiness zone 4 through 8)


Tiny Wine Ninebark


Compact plants are perfect for small spaces and urban gardens – especially when they offer spectacular foliage, too. Top-selling Tiny Wine Ninebark produces rich, purple foliage that provides an ideal backdrop for pink flower buds that open to white-and-pink flowers in June. This purple-leaved shrub grows just 3 to 4 feet tall, for an excellent small specimen, short hedge or border companion. The exciting color and beauty bely this ninebark's resilience. Tiny Wine tolerates harsh growing conditions and offers excellent erosion control. (Hardiness zones 3 through 7)


Ivory Halo Dogwood


One look at this Minnesota-born dogwood's ivory-and-green foliage and you'll fall for this classic shrub. Ivory Halo Dogwood holds its ivory-edged green leaves on striking red stems that add brilliant winter interest as well. Unlike some rangy dogwoods, Ivory Halo offers compact growth and full foliage that extends from base to tip. At roughly 6 feet tall and wide when mature, this colorful, variegated shrub is an excellent year-round performer. White June flowers and midsummer berries add to the delightful mix. (Hardiness zones 3 through 7)


Dakota Goldcharm Spirea


The diminutive size of Dakota Goldcharm Spirea opens the door for colorful landscape options. The new foliage of this dwarf spirea emerges an attractive bronze color that soon turns to summer's yellow-gold. Bright pink flowers embellish the yellow leaves through June and July. Then fall ups the yellow-leaved beauty with pink and red leaf tones. Introduced by North Dakota University, this hardy little shrub grows just 15 inches tall but matures up to 3 feet wide. Use it alone or massed as a stunning, low-maintenance groundcover. Full sun brings out its best. (Hardiness zones 3 through 8)


By planting shrubs with eye-catching foliage, you can enjoy beautiful color before and after blooms come and go. Shop our plants online for in-store pickup, local truck delivery or FedEx delivery anywhere in the continental United States. If you’re in the Madison, Wisconsin area, stop in at our retail garden center, Winterland Nursery, for colorful plants, go-to landscape supplies and special workshops and events with McKay experts.

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