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Learn about our recycled grow bags!

Aug 28, 2015 2:27:55 PM

Grow Bags

Since 1897, McKay Nursery Company has been a leader in plant innovation, environmental awareness and sustainability. Grow bags are another eco-friendly production tool being introduced at McKay.  While grow bags are new to the nursery industry in the United States, they were developed and are used by Europeans who mastered the art of bag development for growing above ground trees. This green approach not only utilizes recycled material but also promotes healthy, vigorous plant growth.

Nursery bags offer several advantages over a traditional plastic pot. 

  • Root circling, common in plants grown in plastic containers, is unhealthy for plants and limits their longevity in the container when they become root bound. Bags, however, actually promote new root growth instead of circling. This gives us the ability to grow the plant in a nursery setting for a longer time, and with new roots, comes less plant stress.
  • Grow bags are easy to handle and plant (compared to traditional ball and burlap material)
  • Reduce transplant shock (no physical root disruption)
  • Decrease waste in landfills (bags made of recycled material)
  • Reduce freight costs (lighter than containers)

Grow Bags

All this means greater savings to the consumer along with healthier, more vigorous plants, even in tough urban settings. So when you see a grow bag on your doorstep, follow the directions for planting and be happy, as it is the most environmentally sound and healthy plant you can get for your money.  

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