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5 Plants to Keep Weeds Away

Aug 24, 2018 12:01:00 PM

Stubborn weeds are the worst! No one likes weeds or the tedious task of weeding. Using chemicals can be harmful to the plants you actually want to keep, and mulch or rocks can only solve so many problems for so long. Here are five plants that will keep weeds down in your landscape naturally, while still looking beautiful.




Pictured: Bowles Periwinkle

This is an excellent ground cover and loves shady locations. The delicate blue flowers add some color interest to your garden while also serving to keep the weeds down. It will grow to around 6 to 8 inches tall and until it matures and spreads mulch can be used to fill in around it. Periwinkle is both deer resistant and attracts pollinators.


Lady’s Mantle


The Lady's Mantle is an excellent plant for the front of the border, or even as a groundcover. The plant forms a nice, neat mound which can get to 24" across, smothering a variety of weeds. The blooms it produces, which attract butterflies and bees, are quaint and are excellent for dried flower arrangements.




Pictured: Palace Purple Coral Bells (Heuchera)

This variety keeps down weeds while also adding a pop of color to your garden. The plants create a dome of lush leaves. The beautiful leaf color lasts all summer long, until frost which gives your garden a bit of extra interest, especially the shade where texture and color can be lacking. As an added bonus, heuchera attracts pollinators, and a few varieties are also deer resistant.




Pictured: Autumn Frost Hosta

Hostas are one of the ultimate plants for foliage. The beautiful, big leaves are recognizable and a great addition to any garden. Because of their full appearance, they make a great groundcover to keep weeds down. The layers upon layers of leaves don’t let the light through to the soil, keeping any weeds from getting a glimpse of the sun. Specific varieties also have variegated leaves that are perfect for interesting texture additions to your garden or landscape.




Pictured: Green Carpet Japanese Spurge

Unlike hostas which only love the shade, spurge thrives in sun or shade while still having the same effect as a hosta. The clumps of leaves are plentiful and block any light from reaching the soil underneath the plant itself. Spurge creates the look of a mat across the ground that bursts with tiny white flowers in the spring.


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