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How to Create an Outdoor Oasis

8/3/2018 12:01 PM

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Have you ever noticed how most people who see a beautiful garden want to stop, breathe in the fragrance, admire the vivid colors and linger awhile? You can make the beauty of nature a year-round part of your life by turning a section of your lawn or garden into an “outdoor room”. Gardens today are becoming an extension of your indoor living space. The sky’s the limit on what you can do.


By following these four tops listed below from the American Association of Nurserymen (AAN), you can transform your lawn from an unused space into a place to gather with family and friends.



Tip #1 - Frame

Create an outdoor “room” by framing an area of your lawn with bushes, trees, flowers, or shrubs. Build in privacy by planting larger bushes around the perimeter of your outdoor room. Add color with annuals and bulbs. 


Tip #2 - Plan

Think about how you will use your outdoor room and plan accordingly. If you want to provide a place for your children to play and your pets to frolic, choose more rugged and hardy plants and place your flower bed away from tempting playtime locations.


Tip #3 - Decorate

Add charm to your outdoor room by including whimsical garden accessories, such as birdbaths, ceramic and terra-cotta garden animals or colorful pots for container-grown plants. Also, nothing sets the tone like lighting. Add some string lights, lanterns or step lighting to create a warm and inviting space.


Tip #4 - Make it home

Use a deck or patio, a garden bench or gazebo to make your outdoor room a place of easy comfort, and create shade with trees or a trellis covered with vines. Read our top vines for outdoor spaces here. Invite a friend over, pour some lemonade, sit back and relax.

Create the idyllic outdoor living space today! Shop our plants online for in-store pickup, local truck delivery or FedEx delivery anywhere in the continental United States. If you’re in the Madison, Wisconsin area, stop in at our retail garden center, Winterland Nursery, for plants and landscape supplies.

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