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Identifying Winter Dieback

Jan 30, 2014 11:41:48 PM

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Does Old Man Winter have your spirit down? If so, think about all of your plants that have to endure his fierce blows throughout the winter season!

The bright side is that you can sit by a warm fire and consume a warm drink and ride in a heated vehicle. If you work outside during these months it is usually for half of the 24 hour day period. Plants have to be out in the elements 24/7. Just imagine that if day in day out your cells froze, then occasionally thaw only to freeze again the following night.

Do Plants Hibernate?

Many of us think that plants hibernate like that of the Grizzly bear. Not true. In fact, the freeze-thaw relationship along with stem desiccation will take a toll on your plants this winter. Winter dieback appears differently on a plant-by-plant basis. The most common symptom is dark shriveled branch tips that proceed downward several inches toward the crown. Some marginally hardy plants will have branching that dies all the way to the ground.

The worse case scenario is that the plant’s "number" just came up. Maybe it was their time to journey as to what most of us call a better place.

What to Do

If any listed items happen to your plants this year, don’t feel bad, sad or mad. We are here to help remedy old man winters dirty deeds.

Have a question or need help? Post your question on our Facebook page or take a look at our Green Tips for more information on plant maintenance.

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