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Fall is the best time to plant!

Sep 23, 2014 11:19:10 AM

Written by

McKay Staff

in Gardening 101 How-to Guide

fall landscaping


Fall is here! If your summer got busy and you put off some much-needed landscaping projects, no need to fear. There is plenty of time to plant. Fall is actually the BEST time for planting trees and shrubs.

The benefits of planting in the fall:

  • Fall tends to be cool and moist, which are ideal planting conditions for new landscaping.
  • After the summer, the ground remains warm, allowing for the plants’ root system to quickly establish themselves to their new environment with little to no transplant shock.
  • Trees like the stress-free environment of fall planting, so they are ready for springtime.
  • You don’t have to water your new plantings as often. The regular fall rainfall helps minimize the need to water the newly planted beds, and the soil retains the moisture much longer in the fall.
  • The fall also offers cooler temperatures making outdoor labor more comfortable and tolerable versus being out in the blazing heat of the summer sun.
  • Weeds are not as aggressive in the fall. And let’s face it no one really enjoys weeding.
  • Trees are less susceptible to disease when the plants are in a dormant state in the fall and winter.
  • Option to utilize bare root plants, which are more cost effective. Bare root plants are also available in fall, this will help stretch your landscape budget.

Fall is the perfect time of the year to landscape your outdoor space and will give you a jumpstart into the spring season. Homeowners who landscape in the fall will be in for a pleasant surprise come spring.

Spring may be the best time to plant a garden, but fall is the best time to landscape! McKay is here to help. Our expert landscape design professionals can assist you every step of the way from coming to your home to develop a plan to discussing the best options that fit your lifestyle and budget. Click here to find your local Design Pro or call 920-478-2121.

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