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Double Down your Backyard Orchard

Sep 8, 2015 2:36:58 PM

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McKay Staff

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double down

Apple pie, applesauce, apple crisp, caramel apples, apple butter, apple cider and more… Ever wish you could have an apple orchard at your fingertips in your backyard? Now you can, in the space of a single tree, with the new McKay Double Down Apple tree. Our McKay Double Down Apple offers two semi-dwarf apples in one pot. The Double Down features a semi-dwarf Cortland apple tree and a semi-dwarf Honeycrisp apple tree. The new McKay Double Down Apple tree is a great addition to your edible garden.

The first question all home gardeners ask is "Does this apple need to be pollinated to have fruit?" McKay Nursery Company solves the problem for you! These two trees will pollinate each other while growing only 12-15' tall. This outstanding tree offers the best of both worlds and only takes up the space of one tree for smaller yards. Enjoy crisp, juicy apples from September through October in a wonderful mid-sized package!

Great benefits:

  • Maximize length of fruit season with 2 varieties of apple trees
  • Maximize space – most homeowners have limited space available
  • 2 varieties cross-pollinate each other
  • Apples are the perfect backyard fruit tree

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