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What's the Color of the Year for 2017?

Jan 11, 2017 12:47:11 PM

Written by

McKay Staff

in Plants & Flowers

 2017 Color of the Year - GREENERY

Does anyone else find it ironic (or maybe fate) that Pantone picked their color of the year to be green and it's our 120th anniversary? What is Pantone you ask? Great question! They are THE industry leaders in the design and fashion world to predict trends in color. In other words, we're telling you the trends and getting you ahead of the game (aka your friends, neighbors, & co-workers) and letting you know that green is the color to use indoors, outdoors, clothes, accessories and anything else in between for 2017. We created this handy and inspirational "Color it Green" Pinterest board in honor of Pantone's color of the year Greenery. So get your gardening tools ready, a pad of paper and pen and start your list of must-have plants for your landscape, entryway, walkways or containers!


See our MUST HAVE list of green plants for 2017 

mckay pinterest board



 Some inspriational ways to add some green in your life!

color 2017 pantone

Photo credits: Pinterest & Behr 


What are your thoughts? Do you agree with green being the color of the year? Write your comments below, we would love to hear from you!



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