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Memorial or Life Tribute Gardens

8/24/2016 11:34 AM

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McKay Staff

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Here are some pictures of a before and after memorial garden that McKay designed. 






 4 Months Later


1. They incorporated stepping stones and other lawn items family and friends had given them to honor the life of the loved one that passed.

2. There was a mixture of plants people had already given as tribute and new plants they wanted to incorporate to fill out the space and create more interest. 


If a full garden isn't something you're interested in our recommendation would be to purchase a tree. See our suggestions below that you can buy today on our website.

1. Larger Trees - Oaks are great choice if you're looking for something that you want to live a long time and when fully grown take up a large space. We offer several oak trees that you can purchase on our website (Heritage, Regal Prince, Northern Pin Oak and Swamp White Oak). 


2. Smaller Trees- These various trees are great for small outdoor spaces. (Sargent Tina Crab, Lollipop Crab and Coral Burst Crab). Please note, not all of these are currently available on our website.  

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