1. Your Home, Your Environment

    • According to recent studies, a professionally designed landscaped yard can add 7-15% increase in value to your home, regardless of the size or age.
  2. In addition to adding beauty, plants are a great way to improve your local environment.

    • Plants offset carbon in the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen for us to breathe.
    • Plants take in and hold or change over 12 million tons of polluntants such as dust, grit and chemicals through a process called phytoremediation.
    • One mature shade tree can produce the cooling effect of 10 room sized air conditioners.
    • Living plants absorb about 75% of outside noise.
    • Many plants provide benefits such as food, through fruiting and pollination, as well as supply shelter for a variety of important animals and insects.
  3. How much you do is up to you…We offer flexibility to work with any budget

    Whether you’re simply purchasing plant materials, or working with one of our design professionals, McKay offers a variety of options:

    • We’ll work directly with you to develop a plan in stages
    • We offer a great variety of plant sizes to fit any budget
    • Save up to 50% by purchasing bare root nursery stock
    • We provide everything you need for the DIY customer
    • Or Work with McKay to install or maintain the project
  4. A well landscaped retail business or restaurant attracts paying consumers

    • Part of business is understanding how to enhance the shopping experience. While business owners are keenly interested in the presentation of their products/services and the storefront, they often overlook the big picture and the importance of setting the mood before a shopper even enters the store. A well landscaped exterior provides the customers with a welcoming shopping experience.
  5. McKay collects many of its seeds for native and adaptive species locally around the Madison area.