We're celebrating 123 years and still improving our growing operations

The sustainable approach used by McKay Nursery Company adds value to our commercial and residential landscapes while continuing to provide many benefits to the surrounding environment. Nursery production has a simple focus-reduce environmental impact by growing high quality long-lived nursery material. How do we reach this goal? We were one of the first nurseries in the entire nation to be certified under SANC (Systems Approach to Nursery Certification). This prestigious certification means that our growing methods are federally approved by the National Plant Board, USDA, and other well-respected programs.

Our production approach incorporates several programs including:

  • Best Management Practices
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Integrated Crop Management.

McKay believes in spending significant time in research and development to improve production. However, our main focus is to develop and maintain a strong, conscientious employee culture. This is the most valuable input for growing high quality nursery stock and helps us develop the innovative technology to achieve our production goals. 

McKay continues to strive for consistent improvement in our growing operation. Farming land for over a 100 years can be a challenge. These challenges prompted us to look for new solutions to cushion the land using a non-traditional cover crop. Clover and some tillage radishes are currently being used in agronomic settings to reduce soil compaction, hold nutrients, reduce runoff and reduce herbicide applications. Their ability to aerate the soil well below para plow depth levels has intrigued farmers and opened the avenue for uses in other industry including the nursery setting. 

We're starting to see extraordinary results regarding growing the experimental radish/clover mix.

Radish and red clover mix

Above: Radish and Red Clover mix seed.

Below are some drone shots of our expanisve nursery and production methods. We're one the very few nursery's that still sell Balled and Burlap, Bare Root, containers and grow bags. 


Pictured: Our container yard during peak season in the summer. 

Below is our Langer Tree Farm, which is watered by drip irrigation. Drip irrigation means less weeds and more sustainable watering methods due to our ability to control the watering amounts. 


Below is a picture of our Portland propagation facility. It's here where the magic happens with the growth of our plants. We also house all of our perennials here during our peak season in the summer.