We are experts at finding, and qualifying you for funding resources-as well as writing grant proposals to win them

"Green" infrastructure projects such as eco-friendly landscaping can compete for private and/or public grant monies depending on their merits. McKay landscape design professionals have a successful and demonstrable track record for securing such resources for our clients.

Qualified applicants are typically projects proposed by public entities such as cities, municipalities, and school districts. But private-sector projects can also qualify in many instances because the eco-benefits of sustainable landscaping do not stop at the perimeter of private property-and thus produce a public benefit.

Our success rate is traceable to two major factors:

  • Our designers and architects are eminently conversant with the rules, laws, and guidelines applicable to greater Wisconsin, eastern Minnesota, northern Illinois, eastern Iowa, and nearby environs for green landscape design. Your project proposal will meet the myriad of local, state, and federal requirements common to such applications—and will not be rejected out-of-hand in the preliminary stages of review: something that too often occurs with less-experienced or knowledgeable landscape design companies.
  • We have decades-long experience creating “grant-worthy” landscape designs for commercial, civic, and government entities. So we are likely familiar with private and public funding resources that other landscape design firms simply do not know of—and so cannot direct you to. And our historical experience with all of them means we know what each prefers relative to the other, thereby enhancing your chances for realizing total or partial funding of your landscape design project.